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Bihar to Build another Bridge over the Ganges Centre Approved


BiharonWeb: 23 Jun, 2016, The people of Bihar have been shown the door, but even if the BJP government still smiled at Bihar. Water is then poured on the fields of the votes, giving seed four years after the crop grown, but so perfect. Politics in the Ganges will wash hands during elections the government is trying to build a bridge over the Ganges moment.

Patna's Gandhi Setu over the years has been a victim of the collapse. The government has also put in focus. Over the years, badly shaken and broken from place to place for the repair of the bridge Modi government has cleared Rs 1742 crore. Of this, Rs 1355 crore allocated for the civil construction. It was the first Japanese company budget of flavor. The company estimates that Rs 2,800 crore was caught. 1742 crore Indian company but only with good quality of the repair work was accepted. The work will begin on August 15. IIT Roorkee expert study on the technical side of the bridge to show the measure.

Separately for maintenance help

This is in addition to the help of Rs 200 crore to the Bihar government for its repair and maintenance are improved. Consumer Affairs Minister and LJP chief Ram Vilas Paswan NDA inherent to the center that she Monitor expenditure of Rs 200 crore. Because the state government commission will eat.

Not only is a new bridge parallel to the Mahatma Gandhi Setu project approved by the Cabinet. The DPR The detailed project report will be ready in three months. Then work will begin. Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said that the bridge at the time of the construction was weak due to poor and outdated technology. From then on the movement of heavy vehicles round the clock. The bridge was exhausted. Began in 1972 to be completed in 1982 after ten years.

It was a matter of bridges. The government now says that, despite the defeat, we are from Bihar, who had promised to meet him. Plans for the current year 60 thousand crore have been sanctioned for Bihar. Bihar government for the next four years, two and a half million is targeted to projects completed.


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