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45 Year of Bhojpur District, Know Its History & Specialties

Posted on: 10 Nov, 2017 Tags   Patna Ara District Bhojpur Bihar

BiharonWeb: 10 Nov, 2017, Bhojpur is a district of the Indian state of Bihar. Bhojpur district was formed in 1972. Before this it was part of the district of shahabad. In 1972, the district of Shahabad was divided into two parts, Bhojpur and Rohtas. Buxar was then a sub division of Bhojpur. In 1992, Bhojpur was re-constituted and Buxar became an independent district. Bhojpur district had three sub-divisions - Ara Sadar, Jagdishpur and Piro. The city of Ara became a major city of Bhojpur and the headquarters of the district are also. The main language spoken here is Bhojpuri and Hindi.

Historically Bhojpur has an old relationship with the old Shahbad district. The name of the city of Ara of Bhojpur has been taken from the Sanskrit ‘Aranys,, which means the forest. This implies that today's Ara was a forest in the past. According to a myth, the ashram of Lord Rama's teacher Acharya Vishwamitra was said in this area. In ancient times, Shahabad was part of the Magadha Empire and it was also part of Patna and Gaya district. Although Empire was under the Ashoka Emperor, in most part of the district, the monastery of Buddha is seen, which indicates that at that time most part was influenced by Buddha.

The main occupation of residents of Bhojpur district is agriculture. Bhojpur district, which lies 50 kilometers from Patna, Bihar, holds historical significance. Headquarter Ara is an ancient town of Bhojpur. There are many scenic temples here. Aranya Devi is the adorable Goddess of this city. There are also many famous temples of Jain Samaj. There is only Bhojpur in Jagdishpur, where Babu Kunwar Singh had led the fight against the British in the Revolution of the First War of 1857. The Kali temple of Bakhorpur of Barhara Block is famous all over the country.

In Bhojpur district, there are two suburbs and thirteen section of Piro and Jagdishpur. The border of Bhojpur is surrounded by rivers on three sides, mainly in north, east and some south. In the north of the district, the Ganges river, in the east, the Son sets its natural boundary. Rohtas in the south and the border of Buxar district gets in the west. Ara is connected to the rest of the country by train and road. The University is named after Veer Kunwar Singh. Many high-level colleges and schools give academic identification to the district.


History of the Ara:

Ara is an ancient historical city whose ancient relation is from the Mahabharata period. The Mahabharata carpet residues are scattered here. Pandavas had also spent their confidential period here. First there was the rule of a king named Mayurdhwaj. It was also known as 'Aranya Area'. The ancient name of the Ara was also the Aram Nagar. According to General Cunningham, the story related by Yuwenwang, in which Ashoka had raised a Buddhist stupa as a memoir of demons of Buddhists. The city also receives the distinction of being the workplace of Babun Kunwar Singh, Chief of the first Indian Independence War of 1857. Ara's 'The Little House' is a building which was defended by the British fighting Babu Kunwar Singh in the 1857 uprising.

Places of interest in the city of Ara:

Aranya Devi in the sights of Ara, the Ram temple of Madhiya is famous. In the city, the Budhwa Mahadev, the Kalkeshwar temple, the Mahavir temple of Ramna ground, is the head of the Siddhanth temple. The city has a large religious place called the big mathia. A large monastery situated in the heart of the city is the main center of the Ramanand community. Manas Temple is also under construction on the lines of Varanasi. Many people in the city of Ara have been successful in the field of education, literature, culture and journalism. The Aranya devi here is very famous. Established in 2005, the temple of Aranya Devi is the center of attraction in Ara. A crowd of devotees rises in this historic goddess temple, where devotees gather far and wide for worship. The cave door of Veer Kunwar Singh, located at Maharaja College, which is closed, can be seen. 

Little House Ara

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